Andrea Renae

Sexuality Educator and Trainer. Healthcare and Social Service Advocate. Sex-Positive Consultant.

Sex-Positive Consulting

Do you run a business or organization and wish to be more inclusive of clients of all sexual orientations, and gender identities?

Are you a health or medical professional working to provide culturally-competent care to underserved communities, especially gender and sexual minorities, e.g. lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and queer, transgender, intersex, asexuals and demisexuals, kinky, non-monogamous, and sex workers?

If you’re a direct service professional and need the tools to work with those in alternative sexual communities, I can provide one-on-one consulting and in-service staff trainings with the information, skills, and full support you’ll need to be welcoming and culturally sensitive.

Contact me at for more information and to create a custom package that best suits your and/or your organization's needs!

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